The Facts about Connie Doepke's Endorsements

The Connie Doepke for Senate campaign was caught sending out a misleading mailing implying endorsement (along with a photo, a quote and even a signature) from Congressman Erik Paulsen. Erik had not approved the ad.

The ad was mailed to residents of the district despite the fact that Erik had endorsed Connie's opponent!

Meanwhile, Connie's website listed endorsements from Representative Steve Drazkowski and the Minnesota Family Council and even included a note of support from the MCCL. In reality, none of them had endorsed Connie and none had given their permission or approval to use their names in Connies campaign materials.

Read the following reactions and decide for yourself if honesty and ethics were followed in this campaign . . . .

Representative Connie Doepke's sends
a deceptive mailer to voters
Jay Kolls, KSTP-TV: “Every voter we showed the campaign flyer to thought it was an endorsment from Congressman Paulsen.

• Congressman Erik Paulsen:
“It has come to my attention that the Doepke campaign recently sent a mailing with a quote attributed to me. I want to make it clear I did not approve this mailing or quote and I support the endorsed Republican candidate, Dave Osmek, in Senate District 33.”

• Jay Kolls, KSTP-TV:
“Every voter we showed the campaign flyer to thought it was an endorsement from Congressman Paulsen.” See the entire KSTP-TV report about Connie's "endorsement" here

• Larry Jacobs, U of M Political Expert:
“The decision by Connie Doepke to create false and misleading campaign literature raises real questions about her judgement, her propriety, and her integrity that are really pretty serious issues.”

• Mitch Berg:
“Over the weekend, Doepke’s campaign apparently sent out a lit piece, with a picture of Doepke with Paulsen and, most troublingly, a quote from Paulsen, and the Congressman’s signature. This is a fairly clear implication.” Read the entire blog post here

• Representative Steve Drazkowski:
“I was extremely alarmed to learn today that Connie Doepke had placed my name on her campaign website and referred to me as one of her campaign "supporters." The fact is that I never offered to extend my support to her campaign and have not even talked to her about the prospect of doing so. The pattern of behavior that continues to be demonstrated by Connie Doepke and her campaign is appalling.” Read Rep. Drazkowski's complaint about Connie here

• Tom Scheck, Minnesota Public Radio:
“The Minnesota Family Council says it is NOT supporting a candidate in the SD33 GOP primary. Connie Doepke's website says MFC backs her.” Read MPR's Tom Scheck's and Star Tribune's Rachel Stassen-Berger discussing Connie here

• Minnesota Family Council:
“It was brought to my attention last week by a Star Tribune reporter that Connie Doepke, current state representative in 33B and now candidate for state Senate, had listed MFC as a supporter of her on her webpage. In fact, we aren't supporting a candidate in the Senate District 33 race.” See the press release where the Minnesota Family Council corrects Connie here

• Politics in Minnesota:
“State Rep. Connie Doepke is distributing a mailing that includes a quote from U.S. Rep. Erik Paulsen praising her political service ... The piece also refers to Paulsen as a "long time supporter" of Doepke. The only problem: Paulsen is backing David Osmek.

For a parody of the deceptive Connie Doepke mailer, click here.

Also ... read a local blog piece where a voter claims Connie Doepke lied about her support for a taxpayer-funded Vikings stadium. Connie says she opposes it here. Then she turns around and votes FOR it here.

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