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The DFL-controlled Minnesota Senate voted to increase their pay ... by 33 percent!

The bill will do two things:

1. Legislative pay will be tied to the Governor's salary (which will mean an immediate 33 percent increase in pay).

2. The Governor's salary will get automatic CPI adjustments.  That means legislative pay will continue to go up every year.  Forever.  They don't even have to vote on it any more!

71.1 ARTICLE 7


71.3 Section 1. Minnesota Statutes 2012, section 3.099, subdivision 1, is amended to read:
71.4 Subdivision 1. Salary; paydays; mileage; per diem. (a) The salary of each member
71.5 of the legislature is equal to 33 percent of the salary authorized for the governor. An increase
71.6 in the legislators' salaries resulting from an increase in the salary of the governor takes
71.7 effect at the first time authorized under the Minnesota Constitution, article IV, section 9.
71.8 (b)

The pay will be linked to the governor's pay (1/3 of the governor's pay).  So, from now on, if your legislature gives the governor a raise, they will AUTOMATICALLY get a raise.

$41K salary.  If you add full perdiem, another 12K.  Another $1500 communication stipend.  Plus, if you live >50 miles from St Paul you get $1100 for housing and mileage....

Total, under the new salary, would be $54,500 or so.

For a part time job.

The U.S. Poverty rate has just hit a new 50-year high.

Many Mnnesota families are struggling to make ends meet. Many Minnesotans have gotten zero increase. Many others are unemployed.

When was the last time YOU received a 33 percent pay hike?


April 16, 2013 (SF 1589)
The Minnesota Senate voted 34-32 to raise their own pay 33 percent.
NOTE: A vote FOR the bill means the legislator wants to raise their pay

Bruce D Anderson Republican 29 AGAINST
Thomas M Bakk Democrat 3 FOR
Michelle R Benson Republican 31 AGAINST
Terri E Bonoff Democrat 44 FOR
David M Brown Republican 15 AGAINST
Jim Carlson Democrat 51 FOR
Roger C Chamberlain Republican 38 AGAINST
Bobby Joe Champion Democrat 59 FOR
Greg D Clausen Democrat 57 AGAINST
Richard J Cohen Democrat 64 FOR
Kevin L Dahle Democrat 20 AGAINST
Gary H Dahms Republican 16 AGAINST
D Scott Dibble Democrat 61 FOR
Kari Dziedzic Democrat 60 FOR
Chris A Eaton Democrat 40 FOR
Kent Eken Democrat 4 FOR
Michelle L Fischbach Republican 13 AGAINST
Melisa Franzen Democrat 49 FOR
Paul E Gazelka Republican 9 AGAINST
Barb Goodwin Democrat 41 FOR
Dan D Hall Republican 56 AGAINST
David W Hann Republican 48 AGAINST
Foung Hawj Democrat 67 FOR
Jeff Hayden Democrat 62 FOR
John A Hoffman Democrat 36 AGAINST
Karin Housley Republican 39 AGAINST
Bill Ingebrigtsen Republican 8 AGAINST
Vicki Jensen Democrat 24 AGAINST
Alice M Johnson Democrat 37 FOR
Susan Kent Democrat 53 AGAINST
Mary Kiffmeyer Republican 30 AGAINST
Lyle Koenen Democrat 17 FOR
Ron Latz Democrat 46 FOR
Warren Limmer Republican 34 AGAINST
Tony Lourey Democrat 11 FOR
John Marty Democrat 66 FOR
James P Metzen Democrat 52 FOR
Jeremy R Miller Republican 28 DID NOT VOTE
Carla J Nelson Republican 26 AGAINST
Scott J Newman Republican 18 AGAINST
Sean R Nienow Republican 32 AGAINST
Julianne E Ortman Republican 47 AGAINST
David J Osmek Republican 33 AGAINST
Sandra L Pappas Democrat 65 FOR
John C Pederson Republican 14 AGAINST
Branden Petersen Republican 35 AGAINST
Eric R Pratt Republican 55 AGAINST
Roger J Reinert Democrat 7 FOR
Ann H Rest Democrat 45 FOR
Julie A Rosen Republican 23 AGAINST
Carrie Ruud Republican 10 AGAINST
Tom Saxhaug Democrat 5 FOR
Bev Scalze Democrat 42 FOR
Matt Schmit Democrat 21 FOR
David H Senjem Republican 25 AGAINST
Kathy Sheran Democrat 19 FOR
Katie Sieben Democrat 54 FOR
Rod Skoe Democrat 2 FOR
Dan Sparks Democrat 27 FOR
LeRoy A. Stumpf Democrat 1 FOR
Dave Thompson Republican 58 AGAINST
David J. Tomassoni Democrat 6 FOR
Patricia Torres Ray Democrat 63 FOR
Bill Weber Republican 22 AGAINST
Torrey N Westrom Republican 12 AGAINST
Charles W Wiger Democrat 43 FOR
Melissa H Wiklund Democrat 50 FOR

The following article appeared in the "Shot in the Dark" blog April 16, 2013:

Living Wage
by Mitch Berg
See the original article here:

A bill in the Senate would pay your Senators more for the privilege of jacking up your taxes and grabbing your guns – but at least relieve them of the burden of having to tell you about it.

SF 1534, by Senator Sandy Pappas (what else, DFL – St. Paul) would make Legislative pay equal to a third of the governor’s salary…:

The Minnesota Senate on Tuesday is set to approve salary increases for legislators and the governor, who have had their pay frozen since 1999.

…and peg pay increases to the Governor’s salary, which…well, I’ll add emphasis below to explain that bit:

Under the plan crafted and approved by the nonpartisan Minnesota Compensation Council, the governor would get a 3 percent pay increase in 2015 and another in 2016. The governor’s salary would be reviewed yearly after that, with increases tied to the Consumer Price Index. Gubernatorial pay has not risen in Minnesota since 1998 and ranks 32nd among the 50 states.

…meaning that the Legislature would no longer have to go through the politically-fraught process of having to vote themselves pay raises; it’s simply rise along with the CPI.  No questions asked.  No debate needed.  No friction from the fractious peasants, whose own wages, let us remember, aren’t necessarily pegged to the CPI.

TANGENT:  I’d almost place a bet that some Minneapolis DFLer will now say “if we can afford to raise legislative pay, we can certainly afford to raise the minimum wage 33%!”

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