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Nine ways to GET INVOLVED!

Become as Active as You Like . . .
. . . but don't leave it for the other guy to do or it might not get done. Getting the right people elected takes effort. But it's fun, too. You meet the nicest people.

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#1: Write a Letter to the Editor

Writing letters to the editor is an important way to support Republican candidates and the issues that are important to all of us. Don't let the opposition monopolize the editorial pages! Don't be the “silent majority”. If you feel strongly about something -- whether it's personal freedom, limited government, traditional values, or whatever -- you need to get involved.

Never written a letter to the editor before? Contact us -- we can help. Here are a few letter writing tips:

Limit to 50-250 words. Longer letters (300+ words) tend not to get published. Shorter letters have a greater impact, are more likely to be read by a variety of people.
Include your contact information. The newspaper needs to verify the letter came from you. Include your full name, address, city, zip, and a phone number where they can reach you during the day.
Use one name. Do not sign the letter as a couple.
Keep your letter focused. Immediately get right to the purpose of your letter and follow through to your natural conclusion. Don't worry about answering every possible counter-argument. Focus on your main point. You (or someone else) can always write again about the same or similar subject later.
Make your letter relevant to the community. How will the issue affect real people, families, kids? How will it affect the future of our city, our state, our nation?
Continue the discussion. If possible, make reference to a letter or article that has already been written or a local event.
Make it personal. Tell people why the issue concerns you or why you personally are supporting the issue or candidate.
Include reference material. Newspapers like the ability to verify your claims. If your letter quotes from some study or includes statistics, include a link for the editor so they can verify your facts.
Keep it simple. This is not a college thesis. Don't worry about sending a polished masterpiece. Don't overburden your letter with too many boring statistics. You are writing to your friends and your neighbors. Use your own voice and language that is familiar to everyone.
Be creative. Use humor and have fun. If you can use humor in a clever way, people may be better able to relate to your letter and remember what you wrote.
Don't quit. There is a perception that newspaper editors act as “liberal thought police” -- that they scrutinize conservative letters more than the liberals. Don't let that be your excuse! Newspapers can and do print letters from conservatives all the time. If your letter is not printed, try reworking your letter and try again.
Be proud. It's time to develop a thick skin because you will be attacked. When Democrats aren't able to win an argument based on facts, they quite often go after Republicans personally. They think that will intimidate you. Don't worry about it. It's part of the deal. You are now a part of the democratic process. Democracy depends on the free exchange of ideas. Hopefully your Republican friends and neighbors will see your letter and they will be encouraged, thanks to you, to write letter of their own.

Here are the e-mail links to our local papers. In most cases, you can submit your letter via e-mail or by copying it into an online form:

Newspaper Editor Deadline Email Address
Eden Prairie News Karla Wennerstrom, Editor Noon on Monday before publication date (Thursday) Use the online form. Letters must be 500 words or less.
Minnetonka Sun-Sailor Marc Ingber, Minnetonka-Hopkins Community Editor 5:00 pm Thursday before the Thursday publication date Use the online form - Specify letter should print in both Eden Prairie and Minnetonka
Eden Prairie Sun-Current Chris Olwell, Community Editor 5:00 pm Thursday before the Tuesday publication date Use the online form - Specify letter should print in both Eden Prairie and Minnetonka
Lakeshore Weekly News Brett Stursa, Editor 5:00 pm Wednesday before the Tuesday publication date
Minneapolis Star-Tribune     Use the online form

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#2: Contact your legislators
A major concern we've heard from legislators is the lack of contact they have with their constituents. Contact all of your representatives, federal, state, county and local. You can find out how to contact your legislators right here.

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#3: Show up to a Town Meeting
Throughout the year, you will have opportunities to personally meet your legislators and ask questions. Town meetings are held periodically at Minnetonka or Eden Prairie City Hall. The Fourth of July booth in Eden Prairie and other Senate District events offer excellent opportunities for face-to-face contact. Use those opportunities to speak up! Remember: Your legislators work for you.

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#4: Register to vote
It's easy. You can find out how via the MN Secretary of State website. And then use this link to find out where to vote.

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#5: Donate Today!
Donations are a big way you can help us. The bulk of our budget goes to pay for Advertising, Campaign Materials and Mailings during election times. The more money we raise, the better our chances of seeing Republicans in office and putting responsibility back onto the shoulders of the individual.

Follow this link to find out how you can help.

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#6: Become a Precinct Officer
The grassroots of the party, precinct officers are key to getting the word out to voters and keeping volunteers informed.

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#7: Volunteer
Winning campaigns are successful because of strong support at the grassroots level. Even a little bit of help at the grassroots level will have powerful implications all the way up to the national level.

We'd enjoy your company to help us put out mailings and all the many other activities that it takes to put together a winning campaign. Election judges and poll watchers are needed to make sure that elections continue to be fair and honest. Calling up other identified Republicans just before an election has proven crucial in close races. Even if you can offer a sign location -- anything you can do would be appreciated.

If you can help, please send an e-mail to:

Or fill out the following form:

Yes! I would like to help get Republicans elected in Senate District 48.

Street Address:
City:   State: Zip:
Phone #:  

Here is how I can help:

     Election Judge I want a Lawn Sign -- Please indicate which one(s) you'd like:
     Poll Watcher      David Hann (State Senator SD48)
     Literature Drops      Kirk Stensrud (State Representative 48A)
     Stuffing Envelopes      Jenifer Loon (State Representative 48B)
     Get-Out-The-Vote Phonebank  
     Write a Letter to the Editor  
     Forward Senate District e-mails to others  
     I can help in any way that's needed  

Send us your comments or questions!


Your information will be submitted via e-mail.
NOTE: When you click "SUBMIT", you may encounter one or more messages before the e-mail is actually sent. Click "OK" to each.

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#8: Join a tea party group
If you believe in fiscal responsibility, constitutionally limited government, free markets, and individual liberty and responsibility -- or even if you want to get better informed -- you will want to join the local tea party group. They meet every week in Chanhassen.

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#9: Run For Office
One of the first responsibilities of the SD48 Republican organization is to recruit and support good candidates for local office We are always looking for good candidates to recruit under the Republican banner. We are always looking for people interested in running for local offices -- School Board, City Council, Mayor, State Representative and State Senator.

If you think you might want to become a candidate for local office or if you know someone who might be interested or even if you just want to find out more about it, please contact us at

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