At the 2008 Republican endorsing convention, Jenifer Loon assured her audience that she believes “marriage is one man and one woman.”

Check the roll call below and see if she kept that promise ....

Roll Call
A "YES" vote is a vote to re-define marriage)

House roll call from May 9

Name District Party Vote
Dan Fabian 01A R N
Debra Kiel 01B R N
Roger Erickson 02A DFL Y
Steve Green 02B R N
David Dill 03A DFL Y
Mary Murphy 03B DFL Y
Ben Lien 04A DFL Y
Paul Marquart 04B DFL Y
John Persell 05A DFL Y
Tom Anzelc 05B DFL Y
Carly Melin 06A DFL Y
Jason Metsa 06B DFL Y
Thomas Huntley 07A DFL Y
Erik Simonson 07B DFL Y
Bud Nornes 08A R N
Mary Franson 08B R N
Mark Anderson 09A R N
Ron Kresha 09B R N
John Ward 10A DFL Y
Joe Radinovich 10B DFL Y
Mike Sundin 11A DFL Y
Tim Faust 11B DFL Y
Jay McNamar 12A DFL Y
Paul Anderson 12B R N
Jeff Howe 13A R N
Tim O'Driscoll 13B R N
Tama Theis 14A R N
Zachary Dorholt 14B DFL Y
Sondra Erickson 15A R N
Jim Newberger 15B R N
Chris Swedzinski 16A R N
Paul Torkelson 16B R N
Andrew Falk 17A DFL Y
Mary Sawatzky 17B DFL N
Dean Urdahl 18A R N
Glenn Gruenhagen 18B R N
Clark Johnson 19A DFL Y
Kathy Brynaert 19B DFL Y
Kelby Woodard 20A R N
David Bly 20B DFL Y
Tim Kelly 21A R N
Steve Drazkowski 21B R N
Joe Schomacker 22A R N
Rod Hamilton 22B R N
Bob Gunther 23A R N
Tony Cornish 23B R N
John Petersburg 24A R N
Patti Fritz 24B DFL N
Duane Quam 25A R N
Kim Norton 25B DFL Y
Tina Liebling 26A DFL Y
Mike Benson 26B R N
Shannon Savick 27A DFL Y
Jeanne Poppe 27B DFL Y
Gene Pelowski Jr. 28A DFL Y
Greg Davids 28B R N
Joe McDonald 29A R N
Marion O'Neill 29B R N
Nick Zerwas 30A R N
David FitzSimmons 30B R Y
Kurt Daudt 31A R N
Tom Hackbarth 31B R N
Brian Johnson 32A R N
Bob Barrett 32B R N
Jerry Hertaus 33A R N
Cindy Pugh 33B R N
Joyce Peppin 34A R N
Kurt Zellers 34B R N
Jim Abeler 35A R N
Peggy Scott 35B R N
Mark Uglem 36A R N
Melissa Hortman 36B DFL Y
Jerry Newton 37A DFL Y
Tim Sanders 37B R N
Linda Runbeck 38A R N
Matt Dean 38B R N
Bob Dettmer 39A R N
Kathy Lohmer 39B R N
Michael V. Nelson 40A DFL Y
Debra Hilstrom 40B DFL Y
Connie Bernardy 41A DFL Y
Carolyn Laine 41B DFL Y
Barb Yarusso 42A DFL Y
Jason Isaacson 42B DFL Y
Peter Fischer 43A DFL Y
Leon Lillie 43B DFL Y
Sarah Anderson 44A R N
John Benson 44B DFL Y
Lyndon Carlson Sr. 45A DFL Y
Mike Freiberg 45B DFL Y
Ryan Winkler 46A DFL Y
Steve Simon 46B DFL Y
Ernie Leidiger 47A R N
Joe Hoppe 47B R N
Yvonne Selcer 48A DFL Y
Jenifer Loon 48B R Y
Ron Erhardt 49A DFL Y
Paul Rosenthal 49B DFL Y
Linda Slocum 50A DFL Y
Ann Lenczewski 50B DFL Y
Sandra Masin 51A DFL Y
Laurie Halverson 51B DFL Y
Rick Hansen 52A DFL Y
Joe Atkins 52B DFL Y
JoAnn Ward 53A DFL Y
Andrea Kieffer 53B R Y
Dan Schoen 54A DFL Y
Denny McNamara 54B R N
Michael Beard 55A R N
Tony Albright 55B R N
Pam Myhra 56A R N
Will Morgan 56B DFL Y
Tara Mack 57A R N
Anna Wills 57B R N
Mary Liz Holberg 58A R N
Pat Garofalo 58B R Y
Joe Mullery 59A DFL Y
Raymond Dehn 59B DFL Y
Diane Loeffler 60A DFL Y
Phyllis Kahn 60B DFL Y
Frank Hornstein 61A DFL Y
Paul Thissen 61B DFL Y
Karen Clark 62A DFL Y
Susan Allen 62B DFL Y
Jim Davnie 63A DFL Y
Jean Wagenius 63B DFL Y
Erin Murphy 64A DFL Y
Michael Paymar 64B DFL Y
Rena Moran 65A DFL Y
Carlos Mariani 65B DFL Y
Alice Hausman 66A DFL Y
John Lesch 66B DFL Y
Tim Mahoney 67A DFL Y
Sheldon Johnson 67B DFL Y

Senate roll call from May 13

Name District Party Vote
LeRoy A. Stumpf 01 DFL N
Rod Skoe 02 DFL Y
Thomas M. Bakk 03 DFL Y
Kent Eken 04 DFL Y
Tom Saxhaug 05 DFL Y
David J. Tomassoni 06 DFL Y
Roger J. Reinert 07 DFL Y
Bill Ingebrigtsen 08 R N
Paul E. Gazelka 09 R N
Carrie Ruud 10 R N
Tony Lourey 11 DFL Y
Torrey N. Westrom 12 R N
Michelle L. Fischbach 13 R N
John C. Pederson 14 R N
David M. Brown 15 R N
Gary H. Dahms 16 R N
Lyle Koenen 17 DFL N
Scott J. Newman 18 R N
Kathy Sheran 19 DFL Y
Kevin L. Dahle 20 DFL Y
Matt Schmit 21 DFL Y
Bill Weber 22 R N
Julie A. Rosen 23 R N
Vicki Jensen 24 DFL Y
David H. Senjem 25 R N
Carla J. Nelson 26 R N
Dan Sparks 27 DFL N
Jeremy R. Miller 28 R N
Bruce D. Anderson 29 R N
Mary Kiffmeyer 30 R N
Michelle R. Benson 31 R N
Sean R. Nienow 32 R N
David J. Osmek 33 R N
Warren Limmer 34 R N
Branden Petersen 35 R Y
John A. Hoffman 36 DFL Y
Alice M. Johnson 37 DFL Y
Roger C. Chamberlain 38 R N
Karin Housley 39 R N
Chris A. Eaton 40 DFL Y
Barb Goodwin 41 DFL Y
Bev Scalze 42 DFL Y
Charles W. Wiger 43 DFL Y
Terri E. Bonoff 44 DFL Y
Ann H. Rest 45 DFL Y
Ron Latz 46 DFL Y
Julianne E. Ortman 47 R N
David W. Hann 48 R N
Melisa Franzen 49 DFL Y
Melissa H. Wiklund 50 DFL Y
Jim Carlson 51 DFL Y
James P. Metzen 52 DFL Y
Susan Kent 53 DFL Y
Katie Sieben 54 DFL Y
Eric R. Pratt 55 R N
Dan D. Hall 56 R N
Greg D. Clausen 57 DFL Y
Dave Thompson 58 R N
Bobby Joe Champion 59 DFL Y
Kari Dziedzic 60 DFL Y
D. Scott Dibble 61 DFL Y
Jeff Hayden 62 DFL Y
Patricia Torres Ray 63 DFL Y
Richard Cohen 64 DFL Y
Sandra L. Pappas 65 DFL Y
John Marty 66 DFL Y
Foung Hawj 67 DFL Y


The following letter appeared in the Eden Prairie News, July 11, 2013:

Thankful for Hann's vote
Alia Arellano and Steve Smith (co-chairs) on behalf of the SD48 Executive Committee

Contrary to what the media would have you believe, Republicans are a diverse bunch. When it comes to gay marriage we fall on all sides of the issue, resembling Minnesotans across the state who are also broadly divided about the implications of redefining marriage. This debate is a healthy sign of democracy in action.

But one thing that Republicans are not divided on is the importance of liberty in a free society. Without the ability to speak freely and live according to your beliefs, the American experiment is destined to fail. Unfortunately, the new gay marriage law is a step backwards for individual and religious freedoms in our state. Senator Hann and the 29 other Senators from both parties who voted against this bill rightly recognized its fatal flaws.

We don’t have to take their word for it. During the debate in the legislature, several prominent religious liberty experts testified that the law would violate religious liberty protections guaranteed by the Constitution. For example, a local florist can be sued and forced to provide services for a same sex wedding, even if doing so violates her faith or her conscience. This exact scenario has already played out in Washingon, and we can expect similar legal battles to further divide Minnesotans and hurt family-owned business in coming years.

Even beloved faith-based community institutions like schools and hospitals will be required to accept the state-imposed definition of marriage in their everyday functions, otherwise be stripped of funding like Medicare reimbursements or educational grants for textbooks.

The citizens of Minnesota depend on our government to protect all of our rights, but this law gives preferential treatment to some while ignoring the constitutional rights of the rest. We’re very thankful for legislators like Senator Hann who have been willing to defend the personal liberties of all of their constituents, rather than only the loudest few.

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