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Since 2005, Eden Prairie and Minnetonka have been represented by one of the most liberal members of the Minnesota House of Representatives, Representative Maria Ruud (D-42A).

Even though Minnesota is one of the highest taxed states, she continues to vote for higher taxes. In 2008, her high tax votes earned her a ZERO rating from the Minnesota Taxpayer's League -- she was least taxpayer friendly member of the Minnesota House in 2008.

She votes for a renewable energy bill that will add hundreds of dollars to the average Minnesota family's home heating bills. She votes for controversial tax giveaways like the DREAM Act (a program that gives special tuition benefits for illegal immigrants -- privileges that even American citizens do not enjoy). She votes for government run healthcare -- a system that has bankrupted other states and led to rationing and massive shortages in other countries.

She is bankrupting our Senate District. She is bankrupting you. It's time to expose Maria Ruud's radical agenda for you and your family.

Radical Groups and Radical Causes

“The most interesting theory that I have heard so far… is that he was warned ahead of time by the Saudis.” -- Howard Dean joining the nut-cases who believe that President Bush helped plan 9/11.

Maria Ruud first got involved in politics through the Howard Dean for President campaign. Howard Dean was the most liberal of the Democrats running for President in 2004.

This was posted on the Howard Dean for President site "Dean for America":

“Maria Ruud of Minnetonka, Minnesota, was inspired to run for public office because of Gov. Dean. She will be running for the Minnesota House of Representatives in 42A (which is Eden Prairie, MN, and southern Minnetonka) against a very conservative first-term Republican.

Maria, who is also a Meetup host, is a nurse practitioner with two children in the local public school system. She is very involved in health care and educational issues, including statewide social studies standards.

I'm on her steering committee and our motto is: “Put a nurse in the state house and a doctor in the White House!”.

One of Maria's fellow travelers is a man by the name of Reade Bailey. He can often be found in the local letters to the editor sections defending Maria and her policies. In 2004, Reade posted the following entry on the Howard Dean site:

Maria Ruud of Minnetonka, Minnesota, was inspired to run for public office because of Gov. Dean. She will be running for the Minnesota House of Representatives in 42A (which is Eden Prairie, MN, and southern Minnetonka) against a very conservative first-term Republican. Maria, who is also a Meetup host, is a nurse practitioner with two children in the local public school system. She is very involved in health care and educational issues, including statewide social studies standards. I'm on her steering committee and our motto is: "Put a nurse in the state house and a doctor in the White House!" You can e-mail me for more info.

In 2004, Maria became very upset by all the mocking of Governor Dean's meltdown speech in Iowa. So much so that she wrote the Star Tribune defending him:

Howard Dean's post-caucus speech has been called "inappropriate." Yet, Dean wasn't speaking to the United Nations; he was speaking to a roomful of supporters. It is unlikely that such a speech would have been considered newsworthy 20 years ago — then again, it probably wouldn't have been televised.

Now that Bush has signed an omnibus spending bill that permits media conglomerates to increase their ownership of local television stations to 39 percent, it is important to ask who owns the messenger and what do they want us to think.


Likewise, her buddy Reade Bailey also wrote the Star-Tribune complaining about how Dean was treated:

Tearing down Dean
I was in the Des Moines ballroom for Howard Dean's postcaucus speech Monday night. I continue to be amazed at how his actions are being spun by the media. I saw passion, not anger, and there were parts of his speech that were so clearly over-the-top that even Dean was laughing at himself. In all the news stories, I have seen such negative words as bombastic, "guttural, "bellowing, "flailing" and "angry," but have never once seen the word "passionate."
Reade Bailey, Eden Prairie.

Bailey also was quite vocal about his opposition to the Bush tax-cuts in a 2004 MPR interview:

Dean supporter Reade Bailey of Eden Prairie says President Bush's policies make him angry. "Without a doubt, Bush will be the first president to have a net loss of jobs under his watch since Hoover 70 years ago -- that was during the Great Depression. And so this trickle-down economics, the $1.6 trillion in tax cuts have not worked," said Bailey. Bailey arrived at the site of the president's fundraiser hours before it began, and sarcastically asked people entering the RiverCentre to thank the president for creating so many jobs.

“The idea that the United States is going to win the war in Iraq is just plain wrong.” -- Howard Dean

Before she was elected a state representative, Maria Ruud occupied her time as an activist in the radical anti-Iraq War movement. She actually took trip to Washington D.C. to protest against the U.S. troops who were fighting -- and dying -- for our country.

Read about Maria Ruud's connection to radical Washington D.C. anti-war groups.

She wrote the paper complaining that her "No War in Iraq" sign was stolen: From the March 20, 2003 Sun-Sailor:

War opponent will not be silenced
To the editor: To the person who stole our “No War on Iraq” sign:

Are you the same person who stole our first sign (also our Paul Wellstone sign)?

How did you feel when you came within five feet of my front door and took the sign, along with the American flag that was attached to it?

Do you mistake my patriotism for a lack of respect for our troops? If so, you are wrong. I am thankful for and value the individuals that serve in the military. That is why I will fight to bring them home alive and not see their lives squandered in a senseless war that the world community is against. At first glance, the theft of our sign may appear as a simple prank. Yet, it tugs at something much deeper inside of me. I work with refugees, or people who have a well founded fear of being persecuted for reasons of race, religion, nationality, membership in a particular group or political opinion, many of them victims of torture for voicing their beliefs. Thankfully, we still live in a country where free speech is a right. We will not be silenced or intimidated by your actions toward us or our personal property.

Maria Ruud

From her letters, she seems to be of the belief that we need to UNDERSTAND our enemies, sympathize with them rather than defeat them. This is from Maria's 2003 letter to the editor to the Star Tribune:

After participating in the discussion group on terrorism I feel I have gained some insight, and it is not too encouraging. Our group seemed to be divided into two groups. The dividing point seemed to exist at the most fundamental level; how one views the world and our role in that world. There were those of us who felt we should strive to understand the origin of the hatred that exists towards Americans and reflect upon the choices that we make and how they impact the world. A belief that we are all on this planet together and the UN, though not perfect, provides the best vehicle to work towards peace. Other individuals felt that terrorism must be dealt with swiftly and forcefully lest our way of life become threatened. The U.S., by virtue of its superpower status, should not need to consult with or consider the opinions of other world communities. A belief that we need not apologize for our lifestyle and we should fight to maintain it, even if that means relinquishing civil liberties, curtailing immigration, fortifying our borders, and sacrificing our young in service. If violence and isolation are the only options we present as solutions to fighting terrorism, any security that is achieved will be self-defeating and transient.
Maria Ruud, Minnetonka

When she finally decided to run for office, Maria Ruud went through training at Camp Wellstone, a radical organization dedicated to electing ultra-liberal activists to office. From there, she proceeded to win an election by basically smearing her opponent as too conservative and pro-gun.

Maria continues to support liberal ideas and liberal causes. Ideas that are too liberal for Senate District 42.

Guaranteed Substandard Health Care For All

The United States has the best healthcare system in the world. There is no dispute about that. The problem with our healthcare system is not the quality -- but the cost. But how do you bring down the cost?

Maria Ruud believes she knows the answer: Just get the government to take it over! But does that REALLY bring down the cost? Is our government -- who brought us the $435 hammer and the Bridge to Nowhere -- really the lowest cost provider for healthcare?

Socialized medicine is unpopular. Why? Because it means:

• Long lines

• High taxes

• Fewer choices

• Rationing of care

Is that really what you want? No? Then you can't afford Maria Ruud

Maria Ruud also favors making the current health care system -- the one that she complains is unaffordable for most Americans -- even LESS affordable. How? By adding mandates. In 2007, Ruud authored bills to raise everyone's healthcare premiums to provide foreign language interpreters for each patient in the state. (House File 1077), new "mental health" coverage (House File 1578), and colorectal screening (House File 1287).

2009 Healthcare Mandates By State
State Mandates
Rhode Island 70
Minnesota 68
Maryland 66
Virginia 60
New Mexico 57
Texas 57
Washington 57
U.S. Average 42.1
North Dakota 34
Wisconsin 34
South Dakota 30
Iowa 26
Michigan 25
Source: Council for Affordable Health Insurance
#2 in Health Care Mandates, #2 in Health Care Costs

With Minnesota healthcare, you do not have a choice in health care coverage. Minnesota now has the second highest number of health insurance mandates in the nation -- more than 48 other states. Health coverage in Minnesota must now include everything from hearing aids to chiropractic care to hairpieces.

Every time your legislators add a health care mandate to your insurance bill, they make health care LESS affordable for you or your employer.

Republicans believe that Minnesotans need choice in health care coverage. They believe the free market is the best way to hold down costs and offer people the greatest opportunity to select the health care coverage they want and need.

But the DFL wants to go the other way. They want to eliminate the free market and have the government totally take over our healthcare system. But will that really bring down costs?

Find out more on how your legislature can help control health care costs.

Read about Maria's radical plan to take over the health care system.

How high can she go?

Maria Ruud has consistently ranked among the most liberal Minnesota legislators, voting time and time again against the taxpayers of her district.

In a 2006 debate, Maria Ruud said she wants voters to think she's a fiscal conservative. But facts are stubborn things.

As her opponent Bill Cullen pointed out: "Maria, your voting record is 88 percent aligned with Matt Entenza, and 83 percent aligned with Keith Ellison. That's not a conservative voting record!" The MPR article goes on to point out that Ruud's 46-percent lifetime rating from the Taxpayers League (now a ridiculously low 30 percent) is "lower than any House Republican." Yikes!

If you work, if you have a job, if you pay taxes -- watch out! Maria is coming after you.


The 2008 Legislative Session proves once again that your economic freedom, your personal liberty is at risk every time the legislature meets. These are the latest ratings from the Minnesota Taxpayer's League. 2009 2008 2007 2006 2005
Senator David Hann (SD42)
Representative Maria Ruud (HD42A)
Representative Jenifer Loon(HD42B)
Representative Erik Paulsen (HD42B)  

Maria apparently believes that you don't pay enough taxes, that Minnesotans are undertaxed. But is that true? See how Minnesota ranks compared to other states in taxes.

Taking money from hard working people in Minnetonka and Eden Prairie and shipping it to her buddies in Minneapolis

As discontent simmers from one end of the metro to the other, city managers and local elected officials are finding that “fiscal responsibility” isn't just a campaign slogan anymore. Property taxes are going up. The reason? Runaway spending by schools, cities and counties.

Maria Ruud has a plan. She wants to increase state taxes. Yes, you read that right. She wants to respond to a massive tax increase on the productive citizens of Eden Prairie and Minnetonka by raising your taxes even more.

Punish people with cars

Think you're paying too much for gas already? Maria Ruud and the DFL think you pay way too little.

The DFL plan will raise state gas taxes from the current 20 cents per gallon to as much as 48 cents per gallon. Add this to the 32 cent per gallon federal gas tax and Minnesotans can look forward to paying a whopping 80 cents per gallon at the pump.

That is the DFL plan for Minnesota families -- 80 cents per gallon and the highest gas tax in the nation.

Read about Maria Ruud's plans to increase your family's gas bill.

Her first job is to feather her own nest

One of the most controversial methods your state legislature has to raise their own pay is by increasing their per-diem. This secret income supplement -- no receipts are required to receive the money -- takes many thousands of dollars out of the state budget -- money that could be used for schools, roads, or to fight crime. The Star Tribune estimated that in 2007 alone, an EXTRA $800,000 was transferred directly from your pockets to your state lawmakers just to pay for their most recent salary increases.

Maria Ruud had EIGHT CHANCES to cancel or modify the per diem increase. In all eight cases, she voted FOR the increase and AGAINST you, the taxpayer.

Leave you defenseless

In 2003 Minnesota lawmakers passed the Minnesota Personal Protection Act -- a bill that allows law-abiding citizens the right to carry a firearm for personal protection.

In 2004, opponents of the new law decided to go judge shopping. They found a judge willing to temporarily overturn the law on the grounds that it was attached to an unrelated bill. But the new law proved extremely popular so, in 2005, the legislature came right back and re-passed the same law.

The law passed both the Minnesota House (86-47) and Senate (44-21) by overwhelming margins.

Critics warned of Old West style shootouts. But the reality is that in six years there have been more people killed by the Hiawatha Light Rail line (three) than from all the thousands of law abiding permit holders in Minnesota (zero). Critics argued that Minnesota is out of step with the rest of the nation. But 40 states now have "shall issue" laws -- clearly it is the 10 who don't that are out of the mainstream.

Self protection is a basic human right. But, in 2005, Rep. Maria Ruud was one of a handful of radical DFL legislators who voted to take that right away.

On June 12, 2003, Maria wrote the Minnetonka Sun-Sailor opposing the right of citizens to have guns:

To the editor:

The recent letter to the editor by the writer encouraging those against the new gun law to avoid businesses and establishments that fail to post a “no guns permitted” sign is right on. If you are not outraged by what has been going on in the political world, from irresponsible gun laws, to irresponsible tax cuts, then, as the bumper sticker says, “you’re not paying attention.” If you know the names of the contestants on “American Idol” or “The Bachelor,” but don’t know what the names of your representatives and how they voted on key issues that will affect your life and the lives of your children and grandchildren then be prepared to accept the changes, however grim, that are taking place in the world in which you live. Now is the time to become informed, find your voice and use it and vote with your feet if necessary.

Maria Ruud

Take your money and spend it on millionaires and billionaires

Although Maria Ruud ended up voting against the controversial Minnesota Twins stadium -- after it was clear her vote was not needed -- she initially spoke in favor of taxpayer-funded stadiums.

From the July 28, 2005 Sun Newspaper:

“Items that Ruud was disappointed to see fail included the clean water legacy bill, which would have helped identify polluted waters; the transportation bill vetoed by the governor; a proposal for a hospital in Maple Grove; and stadium plans for the Minnesota Twins and Gopher football team, she said.”

Read more about how taxpayer's were fleeced to pay for the Twins Stadium deal.

This mandate is a “serious, precedent-setting action that trespasses on the rights of parents to make medical decisions for their children as well as on the rights of the children to attend school.” -- The American College of Pediatricians

Maria Ruud authored a bill that would require your pre-teen daughters to be vaccinated against certain sexually transmitted diseases. All girls would be vaccinated, whether or not they are sexually active and parental permission would not be required. If a girl fails to get the vaccine, she can actually be barred from attending school. Rep. Maria Ruud (DFL-Minnetonka) was an original author of this bill but bowed to public pressure and withdrew her name (Mpls Star-Tribune 2-28-07). (House File 530)

HPV Vaccine: The Facts
(Source: Gregory Lopes and Christopher M. Dolan, Washington Times)
• The drug costs $360 per child and requires three painful injections administered over a six month period. It protects against two rare strains of HPV (a virus which has been linked to cervical cancer in women).
• The drug is not safe. According to Judicial Watch, the public interest group that investigates and prosecutes government corruption, there have been 1,637 adverse reactions to the vaccine and even three deaths.
• Only girls will be forced to comply. There is no similar requirement for boys to get immunized (even though they carry 50% of the viruses).
• The virus has a 20-year incubation period before becoming cervical cancer. In other words, if a woman gets cervical cancer at age 50, she probably contracted the disease at age 30.
• We are vaccinating the wrong people. More than 70 percent of cervical cancer patients are older than 40 (which means they did not get the virus until they were at least in their 20's). But vaccine only has a five-year protection window. Vaccinating an 11-year-old girl will only protect her until she is 16.
• The legislation does not address the need for booster inoculations every 5 years.
• Merck -- the company that is lobbying your legislature to make this drug mandatory -- will make $2 billion to $4 billion off the drug in 2007 alone.

But Maria isn't through. She isn't after just your pre-teen daughter. She wants to even go after your children in KINDERGARTEN. She thinks kids as young as 5-years old need to be taught about sex education.

Maria Ruud and Rep. Neva Walker (DFL-Minneapolis) would create such a mandate. The bill would authorize school districts to provide students in K-12 with “age-appropriate materials that address varied societal views on sexuality, sexual behaviors, pregnancy, and sexually transmitted infections, including HIV, in an age-appropriate manner.” The bill would require such instruction for grades 7-12. (House File 615)

Putting illegal immigrants ahead of Minnesota citizens

Democrats are famous for claiming that we do not have enough money for education. But now they want to siphon off even more funds to support people who do not deserve it.

Rep. Debra Hilstrom (DFL-Brooklyn Center) has proposed giving in-state college tuition to illegal aliens who file a paper saying they are applying to legalize their immigration status. The same bill would scrap reciprocity agreements for students from Wisconsin or other states that give students a lower tuition rate. Welcome, Illegal aliens -- Badgers go home! (House File 682)

Rep. Carlos Mariani (DFL-St. Paul) is authoring the DREAM Act ("DREAM" stands for "Development, Relief and Education for Illegal Alien Minors"). This law provides an even easier route for illegal aliens to get in-state tuition than under Rep. Hilstrom’s House File 682. Under Rep. Mariani's version, illegal aliens would get discount tuition if they've spent three years in a Minnesota high school, earned a GED, and promised to file to become resident aliens at their earliest possible opportunity. In other words, if they have managed to break U.S. law for at least three years without getting caught, the Minnesota DFL wants to reward them with tax supported in-state tuition. NOTE: Rep. Maria Ruud voted YES on this bill. (House File 722).

Rep. Phyllis Kahn (DFL-Minneapolis) wants to amend the Minnesota Constitution to allow local governments to allow non-citizens to vote in local elections if they have lived in the community for 30 days. (House File 1899)

Rep. Steve Simon (DFL-St. Louis Park) wants to give cash bonuses to illegal aliens. The bill would create a tax credit for English classes, citizenship classes, and application fees. If an alien's tax bill is lower than the cost of these expenses, the bill would give the balance of the credit to the aliens in cash. (House File 747)

To make Election Day registration easier in college precincts, Rep. Bill Hilty (Finlayson) wants to require all private colleges and an expanded list of public colleges to make centralized reports to the Minnesota Secretary of State for the names and addresses of all students living in the county. Previously, the lists only had to include students living within ten miles of the campus. The list of documents that would allow same-day registration would be expanded beyond a driver's license or state ID card to any photo ID and some other verifying document. But people who want to challenge someone on same-day registration would be required to take an oath and provide ID to show they are a resident of the state. (House File 1223)

Rep. Jeremy Kalin (DFL-Lindstrom) wants to give people the right to vote in Minnesota who have never lived inside the territorial United States and have never been in Minnesota if their parents are eligible to vote in Minnesota. All that is required is a passport. (House File 1259)

Rep. Steve Simon (DFL-St. Louis Park) wants election precincts to provide pictures of how to vote, along with Election Day registration materials, absentee ballot information, and big posters in foreign languages to get more “citizens” (ie. illegal aliens) to vote. (House File 1827)

What part of the word "illegal" do these Democrats not understand?

Because her first job as legislator is to teach your kindergartener about sex

Crazy new laws -- glass bottle police, baby inspectors, sex ed for kindergarten kids, seat belts on shopping carts, global warming hysteria, government paid aerobics instructors, rationing of medicine. You may be asking: Who elected these idiots?

Many of these laws were authored by . . . Maria Ruud.

Read more about the stupid, silly, and dangerous laws that Maria Ruud and other members of the DFL-controlled legislature proposed in 2007.

Who needs highways?

Maria Ruud and Rep. Melissa Hortman (DFL-Brooklyn Park) want to make it the state's transportation policy to have “ the least possible adverse impact on the environment.” That means no cars for you. (House File 639).

Maria Ruud wants you to give up your car. You say you like your car? It doesn't matter. Maria Ruud wants to FORCE YOU to give up your car.

Read more about Maria Ruud's support of funneling more and more highway and bridge money to fund light rail lines.

"I am a strong advocate for this bill, our environment, and the economic future of this state," said Ruud. "The negative effects of inaction on the issue of global warming would be devastating. This is the first step of many that must be taken by our state to protect our economy, our environment, and our way of life." -- Maria Ruud press release 2/15/2007

Rep. Maria Ruud (DFL-Minnetonka) wants to commit Minnesotans to a lower standard of living, fewer jobs, and higher costs -- all of this in order to save the planet from evil Global Warming. She thinks that through higher taxes and controlling what kind of car you drive and how much you are allowed to heat your home, she can actually legislate . . . the weather.

On May 21, 2007, Ruud helped pass House File 436, the Omnibus Energy Package (see how your legislator voted here) which included the most costly and coercive global warming legislation in the nation including a controversial ban on new carbon-emitting power plants.

Many climatologists, however, say the current hysteria over global warming is vastly overblown. And, according to a Heritage Institute study, the costs of making the DFL's proposed changes are real and quantifiable -- a state expense of $4.2 billion per year, 30 thousand lost jobs, $1.6 billion in lost wages, and a significant drop in agricultural output. (House File 375).

According to Paul Chesser, director of Climate Strategies Watch:

“Most of the solutions [proposed by Maria Ruud and Democrats] will demand increased government intrusion into your everyday lives, will raise costs for energy and the taxes upon them, and will place greater restrictions on property rights. And it will lead to no measurable benefit.”

As a state legislator Maria Ruud sponsored several viewings of the Al Gore propaganda film “An Inconvenient Truth”. But a National Center for Policy Analysis study pointed out several factual mistakes in the film:

“The movie is filled with misstatements, half-truths and verbal sleights of hand concerning what we can and can’t say with some level of certainty regarding the causes and consequences of climate change.”

Read more about how global warming hysteria will impact your life.

Because showing an ID when voting is . . . unfair?

Vote fraud is bad for democracy. Democrats say they oppose it, yet they refuse to take action to stop it. The reason? By allowing people to vote multiple times and by allowing non-citizens to vote, the DFL increases their numbers and is able to steal elections.

Photo IDs are currently required for:

• Driving vehicles
• Buying alcohol or cigarettes
• Applying for Social Security
• Medicare or Medicaid
• Food stamps
• Applying for a library card
• Boarding airplanes
• Entering government buildings
• Registering at school
• Getting student loans
• Renting movies
• Cashing checks

But -- you may be surprised to learn: You do not need to show ID to vote.

Anyone can vote -- multiple times if they want -- and never have to show ID. You could be in this country illegally -- and never have to show ID to vote. You could be using the name of a dead person, and never be asked to show ID to vote.

Sept. 19, 2005--Former President Jimmy Carter and former Secretary of State James Baker announce findings of the Commission on Federal Election Reform in the Hall of Columns at the U.S. Capitol.

Is that fair? Democrat Maria Ruud seems to think so. In May 2006, she voted against requiring ID to vote. In fact, of all the Democrats in the MN House, only three supported requiring an ID to vote.

Vote fraud is a problem. Without honest elections, our democracy will not work. The recent Carter-Baker Commission on Federal Election Reform (headed by Republican James Baker and Democrat Jimmy Carter) made 87 recommendations to make our elections more fair and honest. One of their main recommendations: require people to show ID before voting.

An overwhelming majority of Americans favor requiring an ID to vote (76%-18%). The Rasmussen poll shows that opposition to voter fraud cuts across age, gender, race, even party affiliation.

Every time a fraudulent vote is counted, your vote becomes disenfranchised.

See how Maria Ruud has worked to block efforts to stop voter fraud in Minnesota.

“Hi . . . I'm conducting an unbiased, non-partisan poll . . . did you know my opponent is a jerk?”

During the 2006 elections, several SD42 residents reported receiving calls from individuals pretending to conduct a legitimate poll. Instead, the calls were designed to spread smears and disinformation about Maria's opponent. This is a practice known as “push polling” and it is considered highly unethical.

Read more about Maria Ruud and her connection to the dirty campaign tactic of Push Polling.

Anything the teacher's union wants

Maria Ruud prides herself on always being endorsed by Minnesota's teacher's unions. Every two-years, she receives money from the union and advertisements are paid for and sent out on her behalf by the teacher's union. The goal? To get more money, of course.

But are Minnesota school underfunded or are they being poorly managed?

Read about the troubles of one school district, the Hopkins School District, and how they -- despite being one of the best funded school districts in the state -- still went broke.

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