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"When the Lord calls me home, whenever that day may be, I will leave with the greatest love for this country of ours and eternal optimism for its future." -- President Ronald Reagan (1911-2004)
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"Ronald Reagan was without a doubt, the greatest in my lifetime and that includes FDR. I could write a small book about how I feel about and how much I admired him." -- Fred Koppelman

"I was a conservative even when I was in high school and I remember reading about Ronald Reagan then. He was the most articulate spokesman the Right had at that time and his optimism about the future was contagious. He believed we would win the Cold War, and that we could restore government to its limited scope. When Ronald Reagan was elected in 1980, I was in my first year in grad school at the University of Chicago. Many of my student colleagues were in despair over the election result, but I was elated. His unabashed conservative message and certainty that our nation had great things ahead was simply inspiring. He was the greatest president of our times." -- Senator David Hann

"President Reagan changed our lives, our country, and the entire world. His vision of rebuilding the strength of our nation took on many forms, including a tremendous investment in technology. Brad and I were privileged to be two of the thousands of engineers and scientists employed under the Strategic Defense Initiative. The technology created in the 1980s became commercially available in the 1990s, and is now a crucial part of our everyday lives: cell phones, the Internet, GPS, satellite transmissions, to name a few. Ronald Reagan not only envisioned the future - he created it." -- Beverly J. Aho

"The memory I have of President Reagan which continually warms my heart, has to do with a simple remark he made that if the media had understood what he was really saying, I am certain they would have been livid. He was speaking about either a group of Muslem terrorists or the leaders of a Muslem state. He refered to these Muslems as a bunch of thugs. I was astounded that no furor was raised by the U.S. media, but I'm certain the meaning was not lost on those to whom it was aimed." -- John DeVos

"I'll never forget the elderly Cuban man in Florida who talked to me at length about his gratefulness for President Reagan's strong stand against communism. I lived in Germany from '89-'91 and saw the fruit of his efforts as the walls came down and people from East Bloc countries began to taste freedom. The population of our city more than doubled on weekends from the East Germans who came to buy goods unobtainable in their communist country. I'm glad President Reagan was able to see that before he began his long journey. Let's commit ourselves and our party to honoring his memory by keeping his ideals and his ways alive." -- Melanie Cuellar

"I honor the memory of President Reagan and celebrate his lifetime of achievement. I appreciated his optimism about and vision for America. Though gone, he will not be forgotten. God bless the Reagan family as they grieve his passing. I hope one day to meet him in the Invisible City. God Bless America." -- Joel Knight

"There was the day President Reagan came to Hopkins to address a conference at the Eisenhower Community Center. Thought I'd drift over in that direction early to see if I'd catch a glimpse of the motorcade. Couldn't get closer than two blocks away. About all I saw from afar when the president arrived was the top of the limo. The path of the motorcade wasn't even close. But here, deep in the heart of Mondale Country, there were a lot of folks who sensed the importance of this most extraordinary man and turned out in the middle of a workday just to be there -- even if all they saw were police lights and a flag." -- Roger Luoma

"We remember President Reagan as the person who revitalized our Republican Party and our country at a time of great need. I would include Ronald Reagan as one of the top half dozen presidents in the history of our country" -- Dennis Sathre

"President Reagan will be remembered by most for his communications and wit – for me, I will remember his leadership that pulled our nation from a serious recession and gave us back the hope and confidence we had lost. Today we enjoy sane mortgage rates, in 1981; the interest rate on a home mortgage was that of a credit card - thanks to Reaganomics we survived those times and returned to prosperity. For our nation and the world, President Reagan did not shrink from our opponents – the USSR crumbled, the wall came down, and we moved forward to make old enemies our friends. Let us join together to pay tribute to our honored president by continuing his quest of freedom for all, an economy based on the dedicated work of the individual, and a government that minimizes its intrusion into the lives of its citizens." -- Al Bode

"I started in the Navy under President Reagan. I remember being proud to have him as my Commander and Chief. He supported the military and through his efforts, we all were able to see the fall of Communism. He spoke from his heart and connected with 'We the people' in simple easy to understand terms. He created the 'New morning in America' and we are all the better because of him. God bless the memory of President Reagan." -- Representative Peter Adolphson (42A)

“I've considered this time (Reagan's death) a few times in the past and always imagined his body being sent to DC via train. In my mind, I see the tracks lined with people with no break from California to DC, waving flags, saluting, etc. I believe Reagan inspired people to be and do their best. It's interesting that I was cleaning out a closet on Saturday morning and came across a picture of Mike with Reagan at the ‘84 convention. Only it really wasn't Reagan, just one of those cutouts or facades. It made me think how Reagan was never a cut-out, not a phony, but always himself, never saying what was ‘popular’ but what was true and we learned what was true really was what was popular. He didn't make decisions based on polls, but on what was right. How fortunate we were to have him for 8 short years” -- Margaret Cavanaugh

"Ronald Reagan, what can you say, he was the great communicator and ended the cold war. We were blessed to have such a strong and kind leader and his memory and good deeds will live on forever." -- Stacey Bozanich

"Although I was a young child during Reagan's Presidency, I remember feeling so scared after the school announced the Challenger Tragedy over the intercom. That evening, at home with my parents, we watched President Reagan speak to the nation about the event. His speech comforted me and I was not scared anymore --- for they [the astronauts] 'touched the face of God.' Thank you, President Reagan. You truly were a servant of God." -- Tamra Matsuda

"I believe it was in 1978 that Governor Reagan came to Minnesota to speak to the Century Club Dinner, which at that time we had once a year as a big fund raiser. I was sitting with some people from EP who were not supporters of Reagan and would give me a very hard time as they knew I was crazy about him. After the Governor spoke, I left my purse in the hands of my liberal friends and went to the front to speak to him. I marched right up on stage where Bill Frenzel and the Governor were standing. Frenzel, then the liberal Congressman from the Third District, stepped back and away from the us a short distance. I proceeded to tell the Governor how I admired him and his ideas. After we visited for awhile I asked if I could give him a kiss in gratitude for everything he had done for America. He consented and I planted a huge kiss on his ever so soft cheek. I then said I needed to give him another one for my friend Margaret who couldn't be there that night. At that point there was an interference from Congressman Frenzel asking why I had never done anything like that for him...... Without hesitation, I said boldly that I couldn't do that because he had never done anything for America yet. With that Governor Reagan started to laugh uncontrollably and needless to say, there was a very sour look on the Congressman's face. We stood there like two naughty children laughing and after we were done, the Governor whispered in my ear..' Boy, are you are quick, that was perfect' I felt like I was in the presence of not only a great man, but one I really had connected with in a special and personal way...To have a united heart with someone is wonderful, but to have that and a hearty laugh with them also, is almost a spiritual experience. It is a precious memory to me." -- Angie Erhard

"President Reagan was a positive, hopeful and inspirational leader in a very difficult time for the world and this country, he will be dearly missed." -- Bill Flis

"I never thought I'd see the wall come down in Berlin. I credit Reagan with being the driving force behind that event. I'll also remember his humor. When Reagan was speaking at the 1988 Republican convention and a noismaker went off (it sounded like a gunshot), Reagan quipped 'Missed me.' And of course his age remark during his debate with Walter Mondale. " -- Dale Oppenheimer

"He was one of the greatest President's to have ever lived and served." -- Bonnie Gasper

"I used to be a Democrat but switched because of Ronald Reagan. Everything about him I admire. I recommend to everyone the book: 'When Character Was King' by Peggy Noonan. I wish I could have met him in person. My prayers are with him, Nancy, and the entire family." -- Jan Peterson

"It's a sad day and the world has lost a marvelous man. I read through all Reagan's quotes you posted. Excellent! Thank you for taking time to post this special information on Reagan." -- Carole McConnell


REAGAN: A Life in Letters -- Kiron Skinner.


PRESIDENT REAGAN: The Role of a Lifetime -- Lou Cannon.

I LOVE YOU RONNIE: The Letters of Ronald Reagan to Nancy Reagan.

GOD AND RONALD REAGAN: A spiritual Life-- Paul Kengor.

DUTCH: A Memoir of Ronald Reagan -- Edmund Morris.

AN AMERICAN LIFE -- Ronald Reagan.

HAND OF PROVIDENCE: The Strong and Quiet Faith of Ronald Reagan -- Mary Beth Brown.

RONALD REAGAN: How An Ordinary Man Became An Extraordinary Leader -- Dinesh D'Souza.

DEAR AMERICANS -- Letters from the desk of President Ronald Reagan -- Ralph E. Weber.


RONALD REAGAN: His Life In Pictures -- James Spada.

NewsMax.Com has a great selection of products celebrating the memory of President Ronald Reagan. See The Reagan Collection for great Reagan memorabilia.

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